Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Frontline Wireless is Closed for Business

By Jeffrey Silva RCR News.com
Story posted: January 8, 2008 - 1:07 pm EDT

The future of Frontline Wireless L.L.C., the Silicon Valley-backed and politically connected startup that spent months positioning itself to bid big in the upcoming 700 MHz auction, has suddenly become shrouded in mystery.
“Frontline is closed for business at this time. We have no further comment,”
Frontline said in a statement.

Frontline, which filed a
short-form application to bid in the upcoming auction, declined to comment on whether it had submitted the upfront payment required for 700 MHz auction participation. The upfront payments were due by Jan. 4; upfront payments establish the initial eligibility of bidders and represent the maximum number of bidding units on which applicants will be permitted to bid initially. The Federal Communications Commission has not named the entities that have made upfront payments for the 700 MHz auction.

Although Frontline is “closed for business,” elements of the firm may well show up in the 700 MHz auction proceedings. Frontline’s principals and its financial backers have relationships of varying degrees with other parties, including Backline and Cellular South Licenses Inc., which filed short-form applications to compete in the 700 MHz auction.

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