Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wireless: Top 10 Predictions for Global Market in 2008

VeriSign makes bold predictions about the future of the global wireless market. Here's the lowdown on their top 10 predictions for 2008:

1. Social Networking gets mobilized.

The teens and twenties lead the way toward mobile social networks.

2. Mobile TV

3. Multi-function devices become cheaper and more versatile.

3G handsets become affordable.

4. Location-based services

GPS - the location technology of choice for the wireless industry.

5. AOL, Yahoo! and Google multimedia platforms challenge IMS.

6. China and India tilt the equipment market.

These two wireless superpowers connect more than 10 million wireless customers per month in 2007.

7. Mobile advertising breaks loose.

SMS marketing shifts gears to more sophisticated multimedia advertising. Mobile marketing revenues jump from $45m in 2005 to $1.5 billion by 2010.

8. Wireless providers move in to home entertainment.

Mobile gains ground against fixed broadband operators.

9. Wireless security moves to the forefront.

Security is the number one concern of CIO's when it comes to extending network access to wireless devices.

10. Enterprise mobility - it's for real.

Enterprises cannot resist the convenience - reliability - price - and bundling solutions that are entering the market. And these solutions are getting a lot of attention.

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