Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to Ace Your Job Interview: 88 Tips and Tricks

The Online Education Database recently served up a detailed job prep article to help job-seekers cover their bases (interview prep).

I don't like using the words "Job Interview" and "Tricks" in the same post title (interview preparation is all about hard work and practice - not tricks), but I couldn't find a single trick in the entire article.

Below is an abbreviated version of the article which includes a few of my faves:

#1 -
Practice your writing skills.
In today's Internet-oriented world, good communication skills are crucial. Technical writing and documentation seems to be a weak point for many new grads.

#2 - Stay updated.

Read and subscribe to relevant weblogs, magazines, and newspapers. Use web feed subscription tools like Bloglines or Newsgator Online Edition.

#4 - Start a blog.

Demonstrate your knowledge of a topic related to a field you'd like to be employed in by writing a blog and mentioning it in your resume.

#11 - Don't lie on your resume.

It's not a novel. Mention skills you're capable of. Say "learning such and such" for everything else.

#29 - Network.

This isn't a suggestion - it's a given. Career networking websites such as LinkedIn or JibberJobber can go a long way toward helping you find a job.

#49 - Be prepared.

Know where you're supposed to go. Check their Web site, and call in if you have to. (My favorite mantra begs to be repeated here: There is no substitute for preparation).

#59 - Make a good first impression and maintain it.
Mirroring is a powerful technique if used subtly, no matter the interviewer's mood.

#61 - Be succinct.

Don't be a Chatty Cathy; don't tell your life story. Give a bit of detail instead of just "yes" and "no".

#79 - Remember what it's about.

Think "what's in it for them", not just "what's in it for me". Both parties have to benefit.

#84 - Say thank you.

Thank the interviewer and the receptionist - be genuine. (do not forget the "thank you" letter/card - I don't care what the so-called experts have to say about this).

#87 - Keep an interview log.

It'll help you track the state of each application (sent application, pending interview, interview complete, followed up, rejected, etc.). Include dates. JibberJobber is an awesome tool to help you do this.

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