Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wireless News: Dan Hesse, Sprint's New Mountain Climber

10 years and 10 months ago, I made the best decision of my career.

I joined AT&T Wireless as a recruiter.

It was a great decision, and, it was also a very cool time to jump in to the world of wireless. The phones were getting smaller, the cell sites were popping up like crazy, and we had more jobs to fill than we could get our arms around.

And, Dan Hesse was the President of the company (which, by the way, had the lion's share of wireless subscribers).

I admired Hesse's leadership, and recall that he was well-liked and revered for his leadership. Which is why everybody was disappointed when he left (while still on top) to a startup called Terabeam (now Proxim Wireless).

Fast-forward a decade or so, and it seems Hesse is about to climb his steepest mountain to date: Sprint (for a detailed article on Hesse's-mountain, click HERE).

All I can say is....if anybody can do it, I think Hesse can.

In the spirit of wireless competition...Go Dan - we're rootin' for you.

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