Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gen Y, BioData, and Social Media (the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow)

Big fun yesterday at the Roadshow, as 130 or so recruiters in North Dallas met at the UD campus in Frisco, TX.

It was great to put names with faces that, until then, were only connections via ERE, LinkedIn or Facebook.

I had the chance to make some new friends (shout out to Kyle Smith, Dir. of Op's at CiCi's; and Angela Bell, Recruiter at Insight).

And, I reconnected with one of my favorite people in the world, Karen Chow, who's been at AT&T for what, 11 or 12 years?! Little known trivia...Karen was the first recruiter to interview me for my 1st corporate recruiting job back in the 90's. I'm so glad she said yes.

John, Bill, Martin, and Hank were all terrific - providing differing perspectives on what's going on in the world of recruiting, and how we must change the way we think (and act) to reach this generation (and the next) of job seekers.

And, you'd have thought Jerry Seinfeld had developed a cool accent the way Ami was bringing down the house with his networking activities (seriously, you are a terrific MC, Ami - nice job).

I was too busy working behind the scene to take many pic's, but managed to snap one of Martin (with hand over his head) as he educated the audience on how BIODATA techniques can be used to determine the client's real wants and establish a clear competitive edge for recruiters. I know it's sounds a little technical, but this is good stuff. You can get more info on it HERE.

Although I've listened to Martin on the radio for years, I'd never had the privilege of watching him in action.


I think he could have talked all afternoon and the audience wouldn't have budged an inch.

We also owe Bill Vick a big thank you for being our bridge to Martin Birnbach - we were big-time privileged to have both Bill and Martin on the same day.

Thanks to all attendees for sacrificing some time in their day to join us at the first-ever, Dallas Recruiting Roadshow.

Thanks to all of the sponsors (hey, it wouldn't be a free roadshow without these guys).

And a big thanks to John Sumser for providing the vision to make it happen.

I'm looking forward to round 2 in the near future,


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