Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Social Media - Networking - Recruiting ... in Texas

Recruiters today are challenged with having to bridge an ever-widening gap in the demand and supply of good recruits. The only thing that narrows is the time in which candidate flow is expected.

The promise of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace to make active and passive candidates easier to reach can sometimes widen the gap between daily grind and “best-practice.” The only thing that narrows is the attention span we can give to every new site, tool, application and widget that pops up.

Very few in the industry have been witness to the increasing pace and complexity of online recruiting from the time the first job board appeared up to today.

Even fewer have helped shape recruiters’ understanding of these things, laying the foundations for recruiting in a time where meshing emerging technologies with recruiting commonsense really does help bridge the gap.

Nobody has been at it longer than industry analyst and commentator John Sumser and Dallas-based Bill Vick, the original “big-biller” and recruiting coach.

John and Bill invite you to a day of interactive learning where they will give you the insights, tools and support you will need to start bridging the gaps in supply and demand and understanding and practice:

John Sumser’s Dallas Recruiting Roadshow
Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
8:30AM - 1:30PM

Development Center, Frisco Campus
60 Warren Parkway
Frisco TX 75034

Your only commitments are to come, to learn and to share. Friends and supporters of John Sumser’s Recruiting Roadshow have paid for all expenses and lunch on your behalf. There are no sales pitches, no conditions. Just come.

To register now, click here!

If you have special needs or would like to talk to someone first, please feel free to contact:

Amitai Givertz
(561) 922-7567

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