Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mossberg on Phone Freedom

Vindu pointed me to an article and video by Walt Mossberg (from a few weeks ago) that's just too interesting controversial to pass up. No nothing new. But I'm finding this phone-controversy-thing more appealing these days.

Everybody's jumping on the "phone freedom" bandwagon - that's not new. But having worked for years on the carrier side of the business, I gotta tell you, I've never thought about it as much as I have of late.

The reason? I'm no longer in the carrier business and now I'm in the situation of having my family tied to one carrier while I'm tied to another (I will confess, it felt very strange standing in an AT&T store earlier this week). I apologize in advance to my T-Mo buds.

While I am happy with my new Curve I'm not happy to be living the life of the two-carrier family. Sure, I could sync everybody up with the same carrier, but it'll cost me. New ain't cheap. Hence Hank's rant.

Hank's vid provides some pertinent examples of why our lack of phone freedom doesn't make sense, when you consider the other things in our lives that we can't seem to live without. Computers. Yep. Hi-speed Internet. Fo 'sho.

It's a 6 minute listen, but Hank's worth the listen.

Here's to all the other two-carrier families. I'm now feeling your pain.

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