Friday, September 21, 2007

Top 100 HR Bloggers

Bootstrapper's Laura Milligan provides a nice list of the Top 100 HR Bloggers in the blogosphere. And, she did a nice job of dividing the blogs in to specific categories, making it easy to find the specific kind of blog that's of interest to the reader. happened to make the cut in the "For Job Seekers and Employees" category. Thanks Laura, we're honored!

Check out Laura's post HERE to see the Top 100. Just to give you an idea of what it looks like, I've pasted the blogs below, that are in the same category as

Check 'em out:

Bio Job Blog: The Bio Job Blog is a terrific resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the bioscience or biotech industries. You’ll love its “ask the recruiter” section, great training tips, and more.

Blog for Jobs: This site serves as a directory for blogs written by job seekers and offers a way for people to become their own recruiting managers.

Bold Career: This blog is full of inspiring advice for those interested in starting a new career. Learn resume tips, HR secrets, and more.

But Less About Me: This lighthearted blog provides lots of great advice and tools for job seekers who want to improve their skill set.

Career Cowboy: Learn how to manage your career and job search with these inside tips. Blog: Learn how to negotiate your salary, woo the hiring manager, and master the overall job searching process.

Cube Management: Recruiting Bytes: This blog, sponsored by parent company Cube Management, offers several clever tips for learning how to make the most of your interview. Read articles about personal branding and other smart secrets HR managers are looking for.

Eccentric Employment: Hiring managers use this lowkey blog as a job board to post interesting job opportunities.

Frontline Source Group: This blog, run by a staffing agency, posts new jobs often.

Good to Know: This blog is a must-read for any job seeker. Learn interview tips and search jobs posted on this blog, as well as the other sites it offers links to.

Guerilla HR: Understand your HR directors better after reading this blog about “capitalizing on a better relationship with Human Resources, Personnel Management [and] Human Capital Management.”

Hiring Exchange: This blog is powered by the Hot Gigs company. Get into the minds of hiring managers and vendors to equip yourself with the confidence and tools you’ll need to master the job search.

Job Hunter’s Journal: On Job Hunter’s Journal, a professional recruiter guides job seekers through the frustrating process of finding a career. Find jobs on this blog while learning about new trends in the wireless job industry.

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