Monday, September 24, 2007

Blyk Goes Live

I typically get a big portion of my daily wireless fix from DailyWireless (no pun intended).

Today, they talked about the world’s first fully advertising-funded mobile phone service, which just launched in Britain: Blyk

Blyk will target the 4.5 million young people in the UK, ages 16 to 24 years, with 217 texts and 43 minutes of voice calls every month for free in return for users agreeing to receive marketing.

Here's how it works: users will receive six text messages a day from over 40 brands including Adidas, Borders, and L’Oreal, after completing a set of profile questions when they sign up.

Blyk will rent airtime from Orange and use technology from Nokia Siemens Networks. Users will receive a SIM card to put in their existing mobile phone and those who want more than the free offering can add credit to “pay as you go”.

Didn't we just talk about MOSH Mobile?

I wonder if this ad-funded mobile service thing is about to turn the corner?

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