Saturday, August 18, 2007

Top 5 Handset Manufacturers in 2Q

In its post yesterday titled, Mobile Phone Sales Increase 14%, MobileCrunch notes the top five handset manufacturers for 2Q (and it's a carbon copy of 1Q):

32% - Motorola

18% - Samsung

17% - LG

10% - Nokia

4% - Sanyo
I've never carried a Sanyo, but I have carried the other four at some point since I got my first mobile phone in 1997. If I were doing my own ranking of these 5 by my personal preference, I'd go:

Nokia - Samsung - Motorola - Sanyo - LG

The only reason I'd put the Sanyo above the LG (even though I've not carried the Sanyo), is because I have carried the LG.

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