Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senior Recruiter, ANS - Plano, TX

In 1997, Sue Baker gave me my first shot at a corporate recruiting gig (AT&T Wireless). It was the best thing that ever happened to my career. 10 years later, I've continued progressing in my career, and I've been lucky enough to stay focused on the wireless industry (loves me some wireless).

The best part, really, was that I had the privilege of working with the most energetic, fun, and lovable manager in the world - Sue.

A few years ago, Sue and I parted ways (courtesy of the Cingular buyout), and Sue continued her recruiting magic at Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc., otherwise known as, ANS Medical.

Sue and I caught up earlier last week and I learned that she's currently searching for a Recruiter to join her team at ANS in Plano, TX. So, basically, I'm using this post to tell everybody goodbye as I'll be leaving my current role at T-Mobile and joining Sue's team this coming Monday.

Just kidding - did I actually fool anyone?

Hey, it's tempting! Sue's a terrific leader and ANS (if I failed to mention) was awarded the No. 1 spot on FORTUNE magazine’s 2007 list of Most Admired Companies in the medical products and equipment category.

If I wasn't so nuts about wirelesss...... : )

So here's the deal Recruiters - you could only be so lucky to land on Sue's team and in a company like ANS. If you are currently in job-search mode, feel free to forward your resume to Sue @ Tell her we're best friends and she'll try not to hold it against you.

If I happen to know you well and you want me to put in a good word with Sue, a cup of Starbucks will get you far. Try me.


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