Friday, August 03, 2007

Fridays @ Starbucks (like peanut butter 'n jelly)

I'm doing my Dan Berte imitation this morning, as there's nobody I know who spends more time doing what he loves, and doing so via Wi-Fi with a strong cup of coffee in hand (Dan - I raise my Venti Rift Valley Blend in your honor!).

Friday is my favorite day to land at Starbucks, and this is such a happenin' place you've got to get here by 5:45am to get your fave seat (sorry ma'am, I didn't know your name was written on this chair).

Well, I'm off and kickin' - love the extra time to spend a few minutes in my Bloglines account catching up on this week's blogging, then it's off to Twitter for a quick update.

Looking forward to talking to a few of my favorite people today:

  • Susan Strayer - Susan has a new gig! Lookin' forward to getting the scoop.
  • Dave Mendoza - isn't voice-mail a drag? We're catchin' up Dave....Scout's honor.
  • Levy - hey dude, you never called me back! Now you're pulling my tricks!
  • Marketing Headhunter - gotta get the latest in this Facebook saga.
Venti's gettin' low...time for a refill!



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