Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who's in your top 5?

I was checkin' out Godin's post from April 25th where he talked about his "daily search activity" using Google History.

Although Monday is a close 2nd, I realized I too do more
searches on Tuesday.

And here's an interesting graph showing where I spent most of my time in 2006:

Well, I'm not certainly not surprised at #1 (my blog).

Wow...#2 didn't realize I spent that much time on wikipedia. is a respectable #3.

ERE brings it home at #4.

LinkedIn closes out the top 5 (I'm certain that this one will rise in to the top 3 in 2007).

There's an obvious theme woven through the fabic of my sites, eh?

So, where have you been spending all your time?

It should be a direct reflection of what is important to you. So, let me ask this another way...

What's important to you?

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