Friday, May 04, 2007

From Black Hole to Blog (welcome to T-Mo, Joe Pierce!)

On March 20th, I received an email from Joe Pierce (former wireless employer to remain anonymous ; ).

Joe had found me on LinkedIn and, as a result, got the address to my blog, From there, it was easy to find my email address.

Joe made quick work of his email and sent me a note,

"I just started looking through the carriers website when I noticed what looks like a great fit/opportunity with T-mobile.

What do you think would be the best approach for getting an interview for this position? Is there a contact I could reach out to? I am hesitant to send a resume via the website because so many of them get "lost in the shuffle".

Any advise or recommendations would be greatly appreciative."
It's no surprise that Joe was hesitant to send his resume for fear of it being lost in the shuffle. Do the words "Black Hole" ring a bell? (I digress....)

After reading Joe's email, I left him a v-mail and then got his contact info into the hands of Christopher Parker (T-Mobile Recruiter Extraordinaire). In Christopher's capable hands, the snowball picked up momentum.

Now, fast forward 43 days for the really cool news: 24 hours ago, Joe Pierce accepted an offer from T-Mobile.

Way to go Christopher! Nice job of recognizing talent and doing your very best to make sure that Joe's "candidate experience" was first-class!

By the way, I just hung up the phone with Joe. He's on cloud nine.

Guess what Joe...that makes two of us.

Welcome to T-Mobile,