Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ERE Expo 2007: The Blogging Q&A Panel

Since I've been bed-ridden and unable to do my official ERE Recap, I'll do the next best thing (at least with regard to the blogging panel). I'm guessing only one or two of you will be suckered into watching the entire Q&A, but it seemed like the one hour session flew by in 5 minutes.

Jim Durbin did a fantastic job of moderating the panel - Jim, you are a class act. And I appreciate all the blog tips you gave me in San Diego. You are one of the best.

And, thanks too, to my fellow panel members Heather and Joe! Just having the opportunity to share the same stage with you made me smarter! Seriously, they don't come much better.

Todd just posted the video at the site, along with a couple of other great vids by Colonel Donald Bartholomew, and the former Sr. VP of HR for Wynn Hotels, Arte Nathan.

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