Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Top Ten Job Hunting Myths

Kiplinger's Erin Burt posted these 10 job hunting myths over 2 years ago, and I just found them posted by Clipmark's skwirlinator.

However, many of these ideas have aged well over the past two years and I believe they are relevant for today's college grads.

My commentary is the italicized text below Erin's words of wisdom:

1. Finding a job after college will be quick and easy.

Stevie-baby's been saying this for a long time and nothing has changed.

2. The Internet is the best place to look for a job.


3. I'll make at least $40,000 at my first job out of college.
Maybe, but don't pre-spend assuming it to be so.
In fact, don't pre-spend period (esp if it's for a car!). Get over it - call Dave Ramsey if you need a good financial slap in the face.

4. There's no room for negotiation with an entry-level salary.

There's no better time to start honing your salary-negotiation-skills.

5. The person who gets hired is the one who can do the job best.

The person who gets hired is just the one who got the offer - plain 'n simple.

6. A well-designed resume' will boost my chances of getting noticed.

There may be some truth to this but I'd still rather take my chances with a well-designed resume. Just ask Louise.

7. What I think of an employer doesn't matter as much as what s/he thinks of me.

When it comes to employer-employee match, it's certainly better if one's heart and head are in sync.

8. If I plaster the Web with my resume', I'll receive more interviews.

9. If a company isn't currently hiring, I can't get an interview.

If I'm the right person for the job, it matters not whether the company has a current job opening.

10. If I don't know what I want to do after graduation, I should go to graduate school.

Chances are, you'll finish grad school and still not have a clue. But there's many grad schools willing to take your hard-earned $$.

Check out the entire Kiplinger article (with Erin's commentary on each bullet) HERE.

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