Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to Get from Greet to Great

Excellent post by Scott Ginsberg titled, From Greet to Great!

Read this post if you have any contact, even if minute, with customers. It will help you understand the power that lies in the first words you speak (wow, does this ever apply to those of us in the recruiting business!).

Here's the intro to Scott's post:

The first words out of your mouth frame the entire customer experience.

Consider these two facts:

1. According to The Wall Street Journal from February 17th, 2006, you have less than five seconds to make a first impression.

2. According to a 2007 report on, your greeting influences the customer’s perception more than any other act of engagement.
If you underestimate the power behind our ability to frame the customer experience, just listen to the people around you. Call the most successful recruiter - sales exec - furniture salesperson you know and listen to their voice-mail.

Watch the way they greet a potential customer - listen to the first words they speak.

Chances are, their first words are NOT left to chance.

So, what are you doing (saying!) to get yourself from greet to great?

Recruiting is marketing. Try jobcasting.

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