Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Work is Like Jail

Does the US Postal Service still hang pictures in the lobby of their "Most Wanted" criminals?

Well, that obviously has nothing to do with these three Jobacle yahoos, but I was just curious.

Post Office pic's aside, I like these crazies.

In spite of the fact that Andrew visited my blog today and decided to post a video that I posted yesterday (without considering my blog worthy of a reference). Well hey, what's that between bloggers?!

Ok, so I notice that the Jobacle logo is listed as a "recent reader" in the MyBlogLog widget. I figure I need to reciprocate so I decide to give 'em a gander (I know, only old people talk like that).

I listened to appx 4 minutes of their Working Podcast - Show #55 (does myspace = career suicide?) before my phone started ringing. Long story short - I liked what I heard...pretty cool stuff.

The guys come off sounding a lil' Seacrest-like, but hey, if you gotta sound like somebody...

Anyway, on this particular podcast they leave the "Social Networking" advice to a couple of experts, so I applaud them for not trying to feign expertise in something that might not be their forte. They keep it lively and moving along - the podcast is over before you know it.

Overall, big thumbs-up for the format: energetic - hip - and informative. It's most likely a big draw to 20's - 30's crowd, but I guess I'm a throwback cause I dig the site.

Homepage is HERE - Blog is HERE.

Check 'em out,

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