Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Promise, I really do like cats!

The fact that I like cats has absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just had to get that off my chest.

I detected some dissention after my Dogs and Cats post from a couple of weeks ago.

Really, I love my cat, and she loves my feet in the middle of the night............

So, you work hard and you get recognition and you feel great about what you do.

You are happy with your job and you love coming to work everyday. You love the people you work with and you make a decent salary.
Everything is great right? This is the "Job Dream" I was talking about a while back.

I could work here until retirement and be happy.

But you have a career plan. You have to move on, or at least up.

And so, here I go................................

Yes folks, I am leaving my happy position talking to potential customer service reps as a call center recruiter to take on new challenges.

As you have probably noticed in my profile, I will now be the Sr Military Recruiter for T-Mobile.

It is an exciting opportunity for me as I move in to my new role.

So, if you are one with a Military background, I'll be looking for you!

I've got to figure out how to use this technology stuff so I can get my contact info posted...................

Anyway, it is with mixed emotions that I leave the people I am working with in the call center. What a great bunch of people who I have established great relationships that I hope will never end.

I know I will be working with another great group of people because this company is full of great people!

For those of you that think you are finally rid of the unusual humor that sometimes crosses these pages, not so fast. With the permission of Dennis, I will be sticking around.

Until next time............

Have a wonderful "Job Dream" day!

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