Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blog 1.0 + Resume 1.0 = Resume 2.0?

Nice post by The Social Revolution Blog, as he discusses the various factors of: Resume 2.0.

I agree with his thoughts about resumes in general: they've been around a long time - not vacating the premises any time soon.

Blogs will not replace resumes.

Howevuh...one's blog might be the very reason I decide to reach out to a specific candidate. Bottomline, I can learn things about a candidate's blog (their opinions - passion - dislikes - even things they don't want me to know) that I might not be able to glean from their resume.

But if I'm the candidate, I want to send you my resume. You can read my blog and get a general feel for my recruiting philosophy. But many of the bell/whistle accomplishments that you need to know about me, are not going to be communicated via my blog.

So, in my opinion, I have two resumes:

  1. Soft copy
  2. Blog copy
But you'll need both to fully understand this recruiting geek.


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