Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Everything's Bigger in Texas ... even Christmas displays

I kid you not. I received an email today about a home in Frisco, TX that has taken "home decoration" to a new level.

At first glance, it just looks like any ol' house where the owners have gone a bit overboard with decorations. But check out the details of this house in Frisco:

50,000 lights controlled by 240 Light-O-Rama circuits and a dedicated
PC. The lights are synchronized to several songs which are broadcast to passing vehicles over a low-power FM transmitter (107.3 FM).

In 2005 we added a two-colored 30' "Mega Tree" (10,001 lights); 26 "mini trees" (400 lights each). In 2006 we added 17 snowflakes on the roof.

But that's not all!

Click here to see their 2005 Light Show set to the sounds of Feliz Navidad.

Here to see their 2005 Light Show set to the sounds of Wizards in Winter

And Here for the 2005 Light Show - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24.

You can even view the installation photos from 2005 HERE.


And to think I was so proud of the six strands of lights that don the front of the Smith casa.

Oh well.

Merry Christmas, bloggers.

Check out Jeff and Bridgette Trykoski's winter wonderland here.

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