Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Career "Do's and Don'ts"

I was reading an interesting article yesterday about Career Do's and Don'ts that made me want to share some tips that we sometimes forget in our everyday routine.

It reminded me that for some people a moment of what seemed to be harmless fun or, just a momentary lack of common sense, could be a career killer.

So, boys and girls, the next time your brain skips a beat, take a break and read over some of the greatest recoveries, or goofs, of all times.

Do: Push yourself to advanced skill levels.
Before 2006, France's Amelie Mauresmo was known as the worlds best pro tennis player who never won a major tournament. She won this years Australian Open. She then said "Success in this world is based on two things: talent and persistence. Without the latter, the former won't do you any good."

Don't: Compromise your ethical judgment.
Enron Chief JEffrey Skilling was sentenced to 24 years in prison after being convicted on 19 counts of defrauding investors.
"If you're lacking in the ethics department, you have no place doing business -- with anyone," says Debra Davenport, a master professional mentor, licensed career counselor, and employment agent.

Do: Stick to your values.
For those of you that watch the "Today" show and have seen their new co-anchor merideth Vieira, did you know that she stepped off of the fast track of "60 Minutes" as a correspondent 15 years ago to spend more time with her family?
"Wok life balance encompasses family values and self-care," says Davenport. "Sometimes we have to 'just say no' to work and feel confident in our decision to focus temporarily on our most important priorities."

Don't: Send inappropriate emails, IMs, or test messages to associates.
Former Rep. Mark Foley, a republican from Florida.
Okay, do I really have to say any more?
We have all heard the horror stories from work or previous employers.
This is the common sense one I was talking about............................

Do: Focus on your passion, and use your strength to make a difference.
Former VP Al Gore Made a remarkable comeback this year as spokesman for the Global warming dangers with a powerful documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth"
I know, who would have thought huh?

The point is, if you are passionate about it and you have an avenue, go for it.
Okay, easy now, this is another one of those common sense thing

Don't: Burn Bridges when you leave your job.
Star Jones ended her tenure on ABC's "The View" with an abrupt on-air resignation that stunned her co-hosts and her fans.

I hear it all the time from people, "I'm never going back there so, what's the big deal?"
Well, here's a couple of thoughts for you.
your sitting in an interview and this question comes up, "So, tell me why you left your last employer?" "Oh, I see, and did you leave on good terms?"

Okay, you get the picture.

Here's another scenario for you. I've actually seen this one.

Three years down the road, you are being introduced to the manager you are going to interview with and "BAM". it's the same one you told off 3 years earlier. Hmmmmm, seems like he switched jobs too.

Well kids, I know this one was lengthy, hope you stayed awake and interested.

Remember.......... IT's all about today!
You may not get to do it over tomorrow!

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