Thursday, November 02, 2006

What Today's Teens Want in an Employer

"Tell me what'cha want, what'cha really, really want....."

source: BusinessWeek CoverStory

New research suggests that today's savvy young people (actually, those who will hit the job market in 2010) are more interested in looking deep inside a company to see what makes them tick before they decide to jump on board.

These civic-minded youngsters could provide a challenge for those recruiters attemtping to impact the workforce of tomorrow.

According to this BusinessWeek CoverStory, today's 14-18 year olds say they are committed to equality, prefer companies that act responsibly, and care deeply about a clean environment. Experts say the decisions these teens make, from the sneakers they buy to the companies they'll work for, will likely be guided by their youthful idealism.

Here's an interesting quote from the article (hope it's true):

78% of teens say money is less important than personal fulfillment.
Really? Personal fulfillment over filthy lucre?!

The big question is, where will this generation of youth find satisfying work?

Starbucks? Patagonia? Whole Foods Market Inc? Abbot Laboratories? T-Mobile?

Experts say these teens, who are highly attuned to phoniness, will seek employers they perceive as being part of a larger social purpose.

It's a safe bet that there will be fewer "responsible" organizations than there are socially responsible job-seekers.

On which side of the fence will your company fall?


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