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Resume' Spotlight: Dineshwar Mahant

Dineshwar Mahant


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Seeking full time position to employ telecommunication knowledge to contribute towards
the success of a leading edge Telecommunication Company.

Bharti Cellular Limited, New Delhi, India Engineering Co-op 1/03-6/03

  • Investigated GSM fundamentals with stress on Signaling and Routing
  • Worked together with five interns to carry out Cell Planning
  • Designed Signaling and Routing Tables for National and International Roaming.
  • Implementation Tool: Winfiol

CEDTI, Chandigarh, India Intern 5/01- 7/01

  • Lead a group of four to develop a novice encryption system which uses PN
  • sequence (CDMA system) to encrypt voice before transmission
  • Created one of the strongest encryption methods involving multiplying the message
  • signal with PN sequence. Only the same PN sequence at the receiver can retrieve
  • the message

University of Texas, Dallas, TX 8/04-12/06

MS Telecommunication Engineering Graduating: Dec ‘06

Courses: Wireless & Radio Communication, Personal Communication System,

Advanced Computer Networking, Design and Engineering of Packet Switched

Networks, Algorithmic Aspects of Telecom Networks, Telecom Software Design

Punjab Technical University, Punjab, India 8/00-7/04

B. Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering. Ranked #1 in the Program

Courses: Radio Engineering, Communication Systems, Data Communication,

Fiber Optic communication, Operations Management

Simulation of QPSK Modulation and Demodulation in CDMA System

  • Simulated a CDMA system supporting QPSK modulation and demodulation
  • Conducted Performance measurement by finding bit error rate. Involved
  • parameters like varying multiple users and different voice activity factors.
  • Simulation Tool: Matlab

VoIP System Configuration with Advanced Calling Features

  • Worked in a group of four to design a Jain SIP VoIP system comprising user agents
  • and a proxy server
  • Implemented configurable calling features, like call blocking and call forwarding, as web applications. Designed in C# and

Performance Measurement of DPSK and QPSK Modulation Schemes

  • Simulated pi/4-shifted DQPSK and QPSK with differential coherent detection and
  • M-ary orthogonal FSK signal with non-coherent detection
  • Calculated the Bit Error Rate and generated comparison results ; Simulation Tool:
  • Matlab

Comparison of OAR and RBAR Multirate Schemes for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

  • Lead a team of three to simulate OAR and RBAR wireless protocols in Network
  • Simulator-2. Modified the MAC files in NS-2 simulation of wireless AD-hoc networks,
  • to include functionality for OAR and RBAR
  • Compared the performance between the two protocols using different grid topologies. TCL was used as the scripting language to create different topologies

Simulation of Link State Routing and Multicast Network

  • Designed Link State Routing in a distributed network. Created a multicast tree on
  • its top
  • Key feature: Created a new multicast technique for this network which suffers from
  • the constraint of unidirectional links and can’t use MOSPF. Development environment: C++/Unix

RFID Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

  • Collaborated with three students to demonstrate a four node sensor network wherein information from a localized area, encompassed with temperature sensors/mica-2 motes, is transferred to the base-station/computer system
  • Further displayed this information on a cell phone via GPRS

Languages: C/C++/C#, nesC, ASP.NET, Assembly language

Tools: Labview, Matlab, NS-2, OrCAD, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows XP/2000, Tiny OS

Technologies: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, 3GPP, UMTS, VoIP, TCP-IP

  • Ranked #1 in graduating class of 250 undergraduate students
  • Student member – IEEE and Indian Society for Technical Education
  • Two time gold medallist for National Talent Search Examination
  • Enthusiastic about traveling and meeting with people
  • Active participant in dancing and singing competitions

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