Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Samsung's Next-Gen Wireless Vision

The convergence of mobile phones with all manner of digital consumer products and must-have functionality is a near obsession in the global handset business. And Samsung Electronics (SSNGY) is proving among the most aggressive in pursuing it.

The South Korean telecom and electronics maker on Nov.7 offered a sneak peak at a portable device that will allow really fanatical digital warriors to make calls, surf the Web, watch TV, and do plenty of other things with one all-purpose gadget.

It's called the Deluxe MITs (or mobile intelligent terminal by Samsung) and it will be a critical rollout when it becomes commercially available next March. It's designed to position the company smartly just as next-generation, high-speed, wireless services are set to reshape the industry. With an expected $1,000 price tag, this digital jack-of-all-trades isn't for everyone. It will initially only be available in tech-happy South Korean markets.

Running on the full version of Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows XP operating system, the MIT is equipped with a 1-GHz central processing unit and a 30-gigabyte hard disk drive. Its screen, measuring 5 inches in diameter, will be hidden between the halves of the foldable, normal-sized, QWERTY keyboard.

source: Moon Ihlwan

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