Saturday, November 11, 2006

Motorola Buys Good, Nary a Dent in RIM's Armour

Our friends with the BatMan-logo-look-a-like are back in the headlines.

Motorola on Friday ramped up its efforts to compete against Research In Motion with the acquisition of Good Technology, a provider of wireless e-mail services that work on existing handsets, including Motorola's popular Q.

While Motorola has been working hard to break into the enterprise market, the manufacturer has barely made a dent into the dominance of RIM's ubiquitous BlackBerry. Good, which is already used by 12,000 companies, could help change that.

Unlike the BlackBerry service, which is tied to specific devices, Good has taken a software-based approach. Its corporate e-mail and security services run on a variety of handsets from numerous manufacturers, such as Nokia, Samsung, Palm, HP and HTC's Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.


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