Monday, November 06, 2006

No Wireless Jobs Here: Lucent Cuts 150

Just in time for the holidays, Lucent Technologies has gift-wrapped pink slips for 150 U.S. employees.

Notices went out today and take effect within 30 days, said Lucent spokeswoman Joan Campion.

About one-third of the job cuts are in New Jersey.

Most of the cutbacks are in Lucent's Network Solutions Group, which sells gear for sending calls and data via wireline and wireless networks. The moves, which come on the heels of a positive Lucent earnings report, are unrelated to the company's pending acquisition by the French telecom company Alcatel, Campion said.

"The reason is just getting costs in line with the business," she said.

Lucent, of Murray Hill and Paris-based Alcatel continue to operate independently, Campion said. A U.S. government panel is reviewing the deal and final approval could come within days or weeks.

The combined Alcatel Lucent plans about 9,000 job cuts.


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