Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This Halloween, Don't Leave Home Without Your Cellphone

Tips for the parents of trick-or-treaters to provide a bit of peace o' mind on Halloween:

Program your emergency contact numbers
Program numbers for nearby family and close friends to the speed dial list on your and your kids’ cell phones.

Have a family communications plan in place
Tell your kids to call home if they become separated from the group or if they ever feel scared or lost.

Capture the moment
Use your camera phone feature to snap those funny, spur of the moment photos of your kids in their Halloween costumes.

Create a "Trick-or-Treat" patrol
Have a group of adults monitoring Halloween activities by posting people with wireless phones throughout the neighborhood. It's a great way to keep neighborhoods safe and build camaraderie.

Make sure your wireless phone has a fully charged battery
That way, you can be assured the phone is working while out and around the neighborhood.

Raise the volume
With all the noise of a group, it can be hard to hear the phone ring, so be sure to put the volume on high and select a clearly audible ring tone.

Make sure kids can easily access their wireless phone
Costumes and candy can get cumbersome -- use a belt clip or other accessory that leaves hands free but keeps the phone within easy reach.

Establish a periodic check-in time
For older children who may venture out with less supervision, set a periodic check in time to call or text home through the evening to ensure they are OK.

Keep a list of adults’ contact information
Trade phone numbers will all parents who are in your party, especially if you can’t physically be with your kids.

Be a Wireless Samaritan
If you see anything suspicious or out of place, use your wireless phone to call 911 or notify local law enforcement authorities.

Source: RocklinToday.com

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