Sunday, October 29, 2006

How to Launch a Career With Your Blog

How to Launch a Career With Your Blog

Can your blog really launch the career of your dreams?

Leslie Taylor (FastCompany) says yes.

I agree with her, but not because it launched me in to a new career. Rather, it's given my career an additional tool to reach out to the job-seeking community. It was my Christmas present to myself in December 2004. That's when I decided to start plugging in and posting about my passion: recruiting - work- jobs - wireless.

The result? Recruiter's Dumping Ground, which became Talent Bloggers, which morphed in to Career Builder's Blog, which brings us to the present:

That decision also created some new friendships and introduced me to the likes of a few people in the blogging community: - Recruiting Bloggers - The Recruiting Edge - ERE - Jobster -, et al.

But most importantly, it put me in touch with the likes of you, the job-seeking public.

So, here's to blogging - new careers for some; new relationships for others.

Both good.


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