Friday, September 29, 2006

A Worldwide Network Built on People Power

ALTHOUGH he runs his own business, Olaf Kreitz is a socialist when it comes to Internet connections.

In the window of Braintransfer, his Internet consulting company in Manhattan, Mr. Kreitz has mounted a special wireless router from Fon, a start-up company based in Spain that is trying to build a hot-spot network around the world. He hopes passers-by will make free use of his extra bandwidth.

Mr. Kreitz gets something in return for his largess: as part of a Wi-Fi sharing community being developed by Fon, he can log on free to other members’ wireless broadband connections in a growing network of citizen-powered hot spots.

“I love the idea, sharing your Wi-Fi and being able to surf the Internet wherever you find a hot spot,” he said.

Does this thing have a shot at survival?

Read the complete NYTimes article below. And check out more of Olaf's thought at his blog:

NYTIMES Technology Section


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