Thursday, September 28, 2006

Guy Kawasaki + Panel of Tech-Savvy Youth = Brainstorm (Traditional Advertising is Dead)

Guy Kawasaki hosted a panel of six tech-savvy young people and asked them penetrating questions about their attitudes and usage of cellphones, TV, IM, computers, magazines, video game systems, etc.,

What did he find? Traditional advertising models are in big trouble with this crowd.

Here's a few things Guy learned about the young adults whose ages ranged from fifteen to twenty four:

They send as many as 4,000 text messages per month from their phones

They watch one to two hours of TV per week (using Tivo or a recording device to fast-forward through commercials during that short timeframe)

They all have iPods, and they are very loyal to Apple

They buy approximately forty songs a month on iTunes

Helio is the hot phone (though none of them had one)

Interesting facts. If you are thinking about hawking cellphones to this segment of society, you need to read the complete post.

Get it HERE.


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