Friday, September 15, 2006

And the winner of the "Purple Cow" (Sock) Award is ...

In honor of the Purple Cow and his wild socks, I decided to roam the conference floor and see which attendee was most Godin-like in his/her approach to socks (or the lack thereof).

Shall we put it to a vote? Drumroll please...........................

The queen of Exceler8ion?

Or, maybe it's the King of the ERExpo?

Can you show some love for Mr. Coffee?

Or, how 'bout Jobster's newest genius?

Colorado's Man-of-Fashion?

Or Crazy-Legs-Crispin?!

This is tough folks, help me out. Cast your vote and we'll see if we can get Godin to send a pair of his favorite socks to the winner.

Hey, Seth, are you game?


*sincere apologies to Lefkow - got a great pic of your leg (probably the only one in existence) and summarily deleted it by mistake. Arrgh. You're secretly happy, I'm sure.

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