Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Listen Up Microsoft!

A recruiter was interviewing for a Technical Recruiting gig, and decided to write about his interview experience on C/NET.COM news in a bit he calls "Microsoft Personnel Puzzle". The interview process started off OK, then he was lead down the dreaded "lack of communication" tunnel.He sums it all up with 5 points of advice for the company that was interested in him: Microsoft (yes that's right...Microsoft!).

1.Always ensure a POSITIVE candidate experience.
2.Only submit QUALIFIED candidates. Go beyond the job description.
3.Respond to clients and candidates within 24 hours.
4.Follow up with feedback to candidates after phone screens and interviews. Close the loop.
5.ALWAYS BE RECRUITING! Lazy recruiters are “reactive.” Great recruiters are “PROACTIVE.”

Even though none of these are new ideas, it's often easy for recruiters to forget what it's like on the other side of the interview. So every once in a while, put yourself in your candidates shoes to see if you measure up.

That picture is the first one that comes up when you search "recruiting" with Google images. Interesting, eh?

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