Monday, August 28, 2006

Give up the Google Juice for: T-Mobile Jobs in Texas

Every now and then I like running a quick search to see what I'm missing. Hey, just because I work inside the walls of T-Mobile, doesn't mean I recruit for every one of the jobs.

Here's the google juice for the top 5 results for T-Mobile Jobs in Texas:

1. The search results have Indeed popping up first, revealing 286 jobs that T-Mo has open in Texas. Nice, the first of the lot belongs to my team: Mgr 3, Real Estate and Zoning.

2. The next result is something from the Governor with a press release about our new location. Old news - not worth clicking.

3. The third result is from Careerbuilder, which reveals 16 Customer Service jobs. C'mon, where's the engineering love? Sorry, but I'm unable to stir up the necessary love for a link to this one.

4. Then, I find a result from Eng-Tips Forums, which highlights an RF Engineer job (pulled from Yahoo). Interesting.

5. And finally, rounding out the top 5, is something from Who? This one is new to me also, but it appears it just pulled info from our website.

So, I am a bit disappointed that the blog didn't show up until page 2 of the results, but I guess that means I've got a bit of SEO to do. Guess that's also what happens when a blog loses a bit of it's google juice from having to change domain names.

That's ok. I like WirelessJobs better.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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