Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Characteristics of a Good Blogger

Creating Passionate Users posted the Characteristics of a Good Lover/Marketer ;an interesting post that I think is a perfect segue to blogging (specifically, what makes a blog popular).

If you are a job seeker that is blogging or considering blogging your job search, here's a few ideas to consider, courtesy of Kathy Sierra:

Characteristics of a good lover/marketer blogger:

Be desirable
Be appealing
Be creative
Be brave
Be thoughtful
Be attractive (but don't worry about fitting some classic definition of perfection)
Be kind and caring
Be stimulating
Be exciting
Be entertaining
Be encouraging
Be enticing
Be experimental
Be flexible and adaptable
Be playful
Be unique

Be dull
Be rude
Be sloppy
Be selfish/self-centered
Be arrogant
Be abrupt/impatient
Be boring (or bored!)
Be overly formal and dignified
Be exactly like everyone else
Be judgemental
Be depressing
Be rigid / inflexible

In short, leave them wanting more. Who knows, it might just land you a job.

Dennis Smith

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