Friday, August 04, 2006

Ex-monster man betting on the boomers

I like Taylor's new idea. It's not so new anymore, although he just kicked off a tent-like revival where hordes of boomers gathered to hear (or see) Jane Seymour give her plug.

No surprise that I would like the idea, seeing how I'm only seven years from being able to join Jeff's new venture, Eons, which is being described as a MySpace for baby boomers. Although I'm too young too register (which is easily bypassed), this seems like a great place for 50+ boomers to hang out - connect - blog - get obit alerts (yikes) - and create a lifemap.

Here's what David Fialkow, managing director at General Catalyst Partners (who happens to be the large finacial supporter), has to say about this idea:

"The Eons generation is comprised of independent thinkers and innovators, who collectively have an estimated $1 trillion in disposable income. The market for 50+ is growing at an unprecedented pace, with 77 million baby boomers who just started turning 60 in 2006."

For now, I'm just looking at is as a happy-hunting-ground for recruiting sharp wireless folks.

Dennis Smith
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