Monday, August 21, 2006

Dave Mendoza and Jim Stroud talk shop in the Recruiter's Lounge

El Dave spends time in the Recruiter's Lounge where he talks about his passion: Passive Sourcing for Talent and Social Relationship Networking.

Dave is a busy man these days and he's evangelizing the magic that's going on behind the Sourcing/Recruiting walls at Freescale Semiconductor.

FYI - Dave is available for Speaking and Training engagements on a national and international basis. The T-Mobile Recruiting team was honored to have Dave speak with us recently and share his insights regarding talent sourcing and networking. It's been two weeks and I'm still getting thank you emails from the team for having Dave as a guest speaker. Thanks El Dave - you rock.

Click on the ODEO link below to hear Dave and Jim talk about gaining knowledge, seeking friendships, and building relationships. And don't forgot to invite him to your Linkedin network.

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