Thursday, August 17, 2006

5 Reason Why ... Job Seekers Should Blog

This is a spin off the "5 Reasons Why YouTube and Flickr are Successful" - by Brand Autopsy.

Here's the 5 for YouTube and Flickr:

  1. Do Something Better: Find a way or a better way …
  2. Believe in What You Do: Success is a by-product of doing well.
  3. Community is Everything: Listen to your community.
  4. Be Soulful: Even if you sell, like Flickr, don't sell your soul.
  5. Be Authentic: The lack of corporate polish adds to the feeling that there are real people behind the idea.

Now, here's my take on 5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Blog:

  1. Do Something Better Else: It's not that it's better, it's just another tool. Tools are good.
  2. Believe in What You Do: Let your blog be the platform to tell the world about you!
  3. Community is Everything: Listen to your community (yep, this is a big community). Listen to what the community is saying and weigh in on the issues of job search and recruiting.
  4. Be Soulful: Let your passion out of the attic. Your crazy Aunt doesn't need to see it - we do.
  5. Be Authentic: We want to hire you....not your impersonation of somebody else. If you don't know what I mean, see this post.

Alison gives a few more pointers, here.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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