Monday, July 03, 2006

Trading Spaces ... There's No Blog Like Home

If this were a TV show, we might call it something like, Trading Spaces. Of course, not many of us have spent time in front of a tv camera, so I guess we'll just call it BlogSwap.

Over the next 2 months, you're going to see a bevy of bloggers trading spaces, so to speak, and posting on one another's blogs. I'll be doing one post/week for the next eight weeks - here's a list of the blogs that I'll be posting to:

MN Headhunter / Paul DeBettignies
Canadian Headhunter / Recruiting Animal
Mike Taylor
Mike Dragone
Louise Fletcher
Exceler8tion - Julian Gude & Shannon Seery
John Sumser
Zoe & Gretchen

In return, you'll see eight other industry experts posting to Career Builder Blog and, knowing these folks, I promise you'll see some great posts.

The blogswap commences July 5th - so I guess I'd better put on my blogging cap. For a complete list of blogswappers found on, click here.

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