Monday, July 24, 2006

Job Interviews and Effective Body Language Communication

This post is part of the Blogswap. Your HR Guy writes today about effective body language communication.

BusinessWeek wrote a while ago about proper posteur and body language when giving a presentation or meeting a new client. This is perfect advice for any job hunter. It should be practiced as much as what you say because what you say with body language is just as important as what you say with words. I recommend practicing in front of a video camera and doing mock interviews with a camera on you. I know this may seem involved but knowing that being a bad interviewer can severely disable your chances at success, I think it is worth the effort.

The reason that this is so incredibly important is because an employer will be looking more closely at everything you do. And from my experience in practicing in a trade where people pride themselves in judging how well a person does, body language rarely comes up as a direct factor for why they particularly like or dislike a person in an interview. I have found it is usually a major component that recruiters and interviewers don't acknowledge or take into account very often.

In short, it is like slipping your recruiter a mickey. Whatever you say will come off a lot better if you do it with perfect body language and its effects are so subtle, you can't be accused of showboating or be forced to put your foot in your mouth. And believe me, recruiters love it!

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