Monday, June 26, 2006

SHRM Day 1: On Leadership and Black Belts

The first day of the SHRM conf went surprisingly well, even if I did pull a Lefkow and manage to get all the way to Washington DC without a belt. At least I can say mine was swiped at the airport - yes, it was the last thing I put in my suitcase before I zipped it up, so I'm thinking a fella in the baggage area is wearing a brand new black leather belt.

Early morning and late night prevented me from getting any laptop work in, but suffice it to say that Colin Powell, yesterday's keynote speaker was terrific. A veteran SHRM Conference speaker, Powell knows how to bring the house down - and he did. Meisinger noted that over 13,000 HR Pro's were in attendance. I'm pretty sure Powell had all 13k on their feet.

Powell talked about security challenges and leadership - two topics in which he's well versed. He encouraged us to remember that people will "follow great leaders (even if only out of curiousity) if we've done one thing...earned their trust."

Bumped in to Crispin in the exhibit hall and had every intention of getting to his 7:30am Sunrise session. Yes, I did have good intentions. "Hey, Gerry, what's up with the 7:30am start time! We're in DC for goodness sakes!"

I'm late getting out of the hotel this morning so I'm thinking I might miss a session or two. Besides, there's two all-important issues on my to-do list before I high-tail it to the conference:

  • Finding Food
  • Finding a black belt
  • Here's to leadership and trust,

    Dennis Smith
    T-Mobile Recruiting

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