Monday, June 26, 2006

Beltless in the Beltway ... day 2 at SHRM Conference

Sounds like the name of a movie, eh? No, it's just me, still wandering the streets of the Beltway...without a belt. I even strolled through Chinatown yesterday, but couldn't find one store with a black belt. I did find a Brooks Brothers store but it was closed. Good thing - I didn't really want to spend $80 for a black belt when I have two others at home.

Missed most of day two due to work stuff, but was lucky enough to catch Crispin's "Talent Pipeline Strategy" session. Gerry was at his best playing "master provoker," hitting the bullseye dead-on with his ideas regarding "Candidate Experience."

Our company is starting to get serious about the "Candidate Experience." We've even got a team together that's going to give this topic the makeover it deserves. Nonetheless, Gerry packs a mean punch and I took a couple of strong left hooks to the head:

"What kind of relationship can you develop with the candidate today, that will
impact their decision 2 years from now (to join your company)? Their experience
with your company today, influences their decisions tomorrow."

"Is your website targeted to reach the kind of candidates you want to reach?
Does it answer the questions the candidates need answered: Why should I come?
Why should I stay?"
I'm not sure there are many topics more important today than those that address the candidate's experience. We certainly have more problems than just this one, but the company that separates itself from the pack with regard to "candidate experience," is most likely the company that will get the candidates they seek.

The rest will be just like the guy that got caught with his pants down.

Dennis Smith
Talent Acquisition Manager - Engineering
T-Mobile Recruiting

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