Thursday, May 25, 2006

Working the Job Search

Cheezhead shows us a telling graph, depicting where employees "go online" while at work. The Websense study (Where Do Workers Go Online?) looks at where employees say they go vs. where the IT dept says they go.

I know the lines can be blurred because, for example, I spend a lot of time on sites gathering intelligence about other companies and candidates. My stats would likely reflect an employee that is "looking for a job." And we all know I'd never do that :)

However, even if the %'s are skewed by a few points, it seems pretty obvious that the patterns convey an interesting message.

I can remember searching for a job in 1989. If only I had a nickel for every resume that I mailed via the USPS, or crammed in to the fax machine. Certainly, the ease with which one can now search for a job (while working a job!) makes it too darn easy for job seekers to NOT spend time doing the one thing that can impact their search more than anything else - networking (yes, it should be a well worn tool in the job-seekers toolkit!).

It's certainly much easier to sit, at the expense of one's employer, and hit the job boards while feigning interest in one's "real" job.

However, it's not worth the effort to risk losing one's job. And heck, it's just not right. But, apparently, that's a moot point and not enough to stem the tide of the "at-work-job-search."

So, job-seeker, I'm just'd you find your last job?

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile USA
Sr. Mgr, Talent Acquisition - Engineering

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