Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day + Kids + Catfish Kissing = FUN!

Although fishing is a lot like recruiting, I gave up the latter this weekend to do something more important - bait a child's hook.

Being without a boat, the next best choice for fishing is at my brother's pond in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Knowing that David spent the time and money to stock his pond with the finest the Fish Farm has to offer, I wasn't too surprised when the kids (even our 4 year old) started pulling the fish out of the pond faster than I could get fresh worms on their hooks!

When our 4 year old's arms gave out, I even got in on a bit of fishing action. After pulling in a feisty catfish, I gave in to the "double-dog-dare" offered up by the kids and kissed the catfish. At least they think I did.


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