Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top Job Boards ... [2006]

... ranked according to average number of job listings:

  1. Careerbuilder
  2. Monster
  3. CollegeRecruiter
  4. CareerJournal
  5. Dice
  6. Nationjob
  7. TrueCareers
  8. TheLadders
  9. Execunet
  10. Vetjobs
  11. Careerbank
  12. Medzilla
Three cheers to our buddy Steve Rothberg at!

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

Source: Workforce Management Magazine/
*America's Job Bank (,, Yahoo HotJobs declined to participate.


Steven Rothberg said...

Thanks, Dennis. Having hundreds of thousands of job postings on our site improves the experience for the candidate as it virtually ensures that they're going to find multiple postings that are of interest to them -- including a lot of great opportunities with great employers such as T-Mobile.

Career sites such as do a great job of helping candidates match their competencies, interests, and values with employers who want to hire people with those characteristics. But if a candidate has already found such an employer, then there's really no need to go through the career site. For example, candidates who are interested in telecommunications positions who are already at this blog should simply contact you directly. You will function as their guide and help them find the right opportunity with T-Mobile. If they aren't a good fit at this time, you'll also let them know that and even help them understand what attributes they lack and how they can obtain them so that in a few months or a couple of years they will be highly qualified. Those are the relationships that are so critical to hiring the true stars. While career sites can play a part in that process, it really comes down to the relationship between the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.

Anonymous said...

There is a video on the CNN website about a guy setting his wife on fire at a T-Mobile store. Not the type of branding you are looking are you!

Anonymous said...


Please take a look at SirLook Job Board too:

It is absolutely free and has several features that can not be found on other job boards.

metromon said...
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Anonymous said...
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