Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Job Seekers: A Blog is a Word-of-Mouth Tool

I have always believed that much of the success of top-notch blogs is the Word-of-Mouth phenonenom (WOM) associated with them - which is why I call blogs a "Word-of-Mouth-Tool."

Sounds like the WOM buzz surrounding Cheesman's blog has been the primary generator of new business for his company, HRSEO.

Check out his audioblog with Jason Davis here.

So, what were we saying about Job seekers and blogs?

That's what I'm talking about,

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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Word-Of-Mouth-Advertising said...

I can see that you understood the power of word of mouth 3 years before we did. Way to go.

We're trying to catch up, and have coded a free web widget specifically for word of mouth.

Hope it might benefit someone to mention it here...