Friday, May 19, 2006

Pink is the New Blog

No, I'm not talking about Serena's favorite website, I'm talking about Career Builders Blog (formerly known as Talent Bloggers)!

Why change the name? Well, we were tired of getting resumes for model-wannabe's. Yep, too many people just couldn't figure out the "talent" part of the blog.

Why change the site design? It was long overdue. And, it was time for us to pull in a little of the famous T-Mobile magenta. Sure, we could have gone with something boring like this, but I felt like this design would provide better stickiness. And, hey, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to proudly tout the pink.

So, three cheers for Serena Disler's new favorite (Career Builders (Pink) Blog!), and for Susie at A Little Luxury for the great new design.

Dennis Smith
Sr. Mgr, Talent Acquisition - Engineering


Anonymous said...

Way to get the T-Mobile Magenta in there Dennis. I like it!

Anonymous said...

great new look and feel. i love it. kudos!!