Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interview-Etiquette Violation # 1

Like most recruiters, I've seen my share of interview-etiquette violations over the years. And, like most, I always forget to write them down (so I guess I'll never be able to publish that book).

Or, maybe I'll just start blogging about these violations and give the audience an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

Interview-Etiquette Violation #1:

Showing up at the office to meet the recruiter
face-to-face when a telephone interview has been scheduled.

Yep, it happened just this week. One of the Sr. Recruiters on my team had a telephone interview scheduled with a candidate. It had been confirmed multiple times and the candidate knew it was a telephone interview. However, said candidate randomly decided to show up and make it a "face-to-face" interview so as to increase her chances.

Can you say, awkward?

The recruiter relunctantly obliged and interviewed the candidate - in her cubicle.

Do you think this candidate's "interview strategy" earned brownie points with the recruiter? Let me answer that one....nope. The candidate would have been better served by sticking to the original plan and knocking the recruiter's socks off with a dynamic telephone interview that compelled the recruiter to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

When in doubt, let the recruiter call the shots. Don't get too risky before you've had a chance to blow the recruiter away with a successful interview.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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