Friday, May 12, 2006

10 Hot Jobs - from B2.0, May 2006

The 10 fastest-growing jobs (from Business 2.0 May 2006)

Ten occupations that are projected to see double digit growth between now and 2014.

  1. Network systems and data communications analyst
  2. Database administrator
  3. Physician assistant
  4. Physical therapist
  5. Computer software engineer, applications
  6. Medical scientist
  7. Computer software engineer, systems software
  8. Occupational therapist
  9. Network and computer systems administrator
  10. College instructor

Note: Fastest-growing occupations for college-educated workers.

Source: BOL Statistics

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Steven Rothberg said...


It was a great pleasure and honor to be a co-panelist with you at the Kennedy Information recruiting conference yesterday. It is really wonderful how much great information you share with candidates, some of whom may end up as T-Mobile employees and others of which won't. Your high level of caring for them and your organization is really refreshing.

I read this post of top jobs with interest as I posted a similar list to my blog a few weeks ago. While your list is about growth, my list was about the best jobs. The factors used to come up with the list included compensation, demand for candidates, supply of candidates, etc. See .