Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Top 50 Blog sites

HT: Stuart Luman (NewYork News & Features)

According to Luman, there are upwards of 27 million blogs in the world. To discover how they relate to one another, we’ve taken the most-linked-to 50 and mapped their connections. Each arrow represents a hypertext link that was made sometime in the past 90 days. Think of those links as votes in an endless global popularity poll. Many blogs vote for each other: “blogrolling.” Some top-50 sites don’t have any links from the others shown here, usually because they are big in Japan, China, or Europe—regions still new to the phenomenon.

1. Boing BoingA herald from the expanding fringe of Net culture: nerdy and fun.

2. EngadgetThe Net’s premier tech blog and the flagship of the Weblogs, Inc., blog network. Pete Rojas, the brains behind the blog, specializes in product reviews and breaking news in gadget-land.

3. PostSecretAn online “art project” that allows people to read your deepest secrets on scanned anonymous postcards.

4. Daily KosStarted by a U.S. Army veteran, Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, Daily Kos is the standard-bearer for liberal political blogs Netwide.

5. The Huffington PostFamed national syndicated columnist, former California gubernatorial candidate, and former conservative Arianna Huffington gets on the blog bandwagon with a posse of famous friends in tow.

6. GizmodoWhere Rojas used to work, before he jumped ship.

7. InstaPunditUniversity of Tennessee law prof Glenn Reynolds started spinning his libertarian-conservative punditry pre-9/11 and ranges freely among tech issues, law, politics, and the war on terror.

8. Thought Mechanics A mishmash of Website design, code, music, and art.

9. Crooks and Liars A lefty blog composed mostly of links to video clips from the MSM (that’s “mainstream media” to you).

10. spaces.msn.com/klcintw The Horn Village Blog, in Chinese.

11. Michelle Malkin Dubbed the Filipino Ann Coulter, Malkin writes about America-haters, illegal immigrants, and Democratic windbags.

12. SamZHU In Chinese.

13. Dooce The public suffering of a postpartum depressive. Mommies everywhere seem to relate.

14. Beppe Grillo Grillo, an Italian political satirist noted for packing stadiums in Italy and having giant wavy hair, writes an English/Italian blog peppered with strong anti-corruption, anti-globalization outrage and a pro-tech, pro-little-guy ethos. He knows his audience.

15. theme.blogfa.com In Arabic.

16. Herramientas para Blogs Madrid, Spain–based blogger Marcelino Madrigal writes in Spanish on music, graffiti, and whatever else he wants.

17. LifehackerPart of the Nick Denton blog empire, Lifehacker envisions a better world where computers make us more productive, rather than suck down our spare time.

18. locker2man In Chinese.

19. Open Palm! silicnIn Japanese.

20. Think Progress House organ of the Center for American Progress, a think tank led by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta.

21. Official Google Blog As the name implies.

22. Kottke Jason Kottke got his big break in 2000, when he was profiled by The New Yorker. Now he blogs full time.

23. FarkA frenetic mix of Star Trek: The Next Generation tidbits and dorky Photoshop contests.

24. GawkerThe gossipy flagship of the Denton blog empire.

25. chattie555 What’s not to love about sketches of skinny adolescent Kimono-clad girls playing with hippos? In Japanese.

26. spaces.msn.com/gb2312 In Chinese.

27. spaces.msn.com/msn-saIn Japanese.

28. lwhanz1981530 The blog of one pensive-looking Japanese boy with photos that highlight his six-pack and pecs. In Japanese.

29. Wonkette Part of Denton’s empire, gossip for the D.C. set. Founding editor Ana Marie Cox handed over the reins in January, but it still dishes Cox-like ’tude.

30. shiraishi seesaa In Japanese.

31. The Space Craft Where Microsoft discusses its rather lame network of blog sites called Spaces.

32. Talking Points Memo Josh Marshall has taken the blog form from couch-potato punditry to real journalism. He recently hired a reporter to muckrake full time.

33. spaces.msn.com/huangmj More Japanese.

34. A List Apart If the term liquid center makes you think of candy rather than a Web page, this site isn’t for you. Design tips and tricks for those in the business.

35. manabekaworiMore Japanese.

36. spaces.msn.com/atiger Welcome to “a Tiger’s Space.” In Chinese.

37. Power Line A conservative political blog by three lawyers. The blog got famous during “Rathergate” for helping to prove that the docs used by CBS questioning Bush’s military record were fakes.

38. Weebl’s Stuff News From the creators of Weebl and Bob, cartoon talking eggs who love, I mean love, pie. They’re Internet stars and were recently picked up by MTV UK.

39. Eschaton Liberal pro-Dem political blog of Duncan Black (a.k.a. Atrios). Known for its serious, in-your-face invective.

40. Xiaxue Self-absorbed travails of twentysomething lovelorn Wendy Cheng. Famous in Singapore, she has also been criticized as racist and xenophobic.

41. Joystiq All things video-game related, and part of the Calacanis blog network that includes Engadget.

42. Little Green Footballs A rabidly conservative war blog. The source of so much Net controversy that it spawned a watchdog, LGF.blogspot.com.

43. AMERICAblog Lefty political blog famous for exposing Jeff Gannon, the male prostitute cleared to attend White House press conferences.

44. nosz50j In Japanese.

45. Joel on SoftwareJoel Spolsky, CEO of a small New York–based software company, computer programmer, and book author, shares his coding tips.

46. spaces.msn.com/gouy2k In Japanese.

47. princesscecicastle Lots of blurry cam shots of 19-year-old Ceci and her friends in Toronto. In Chinese.

48. Google Blogoscoped A Google gossip-watch site run from Stuttgart, Germany.

49. The Superficial Maliciously funny celeb gossip that—along with the ubiquitous celebrity boob and butt shots—keeps you coming back for more.

50. Andrew SullivanA gay, Catholic war supporter, albeit one who is very critical of Bush. In January, he leased the site to Time Warner.

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